Topic categories

Main topic categories at the conference are:

  • Trends & the Future of Java

      including modern software architectures, cloud computing, IoT, AI, Big Data, alternative programming languages, etc.

  • Business Technologies & Case Studies

including various solutions and experiences as well as case studies

  • Java platforms and programming frameworks

including platforms Java SE and Jakarta EE, JVM-based language features, various frameworks, application servers, virtualizations, and other technologies

  • Methodologies and Tools

including DevOps, agile methodologies, design patterns and best practices, various development tools like IDEs, ALMs, CD, CI, testing, code quality and security, source control, tools for profiling and optimization, etc.

  • Web & Mobile

including web and mobile frameworks, frontend and native technologies

  • Java community

including contributions and activities of the Java community

  • Knowledgebase

including training and workshops

  • Other

everything not covered in the previous sections

The final topics of interest will be determined after the acceptance of all proposals.


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users & Croatian Java Users Association. 

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